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Canoe Or Kayak Along Tuscany’s Rivers And Coastline

Water Sports

There are many wonderful locations to enjoy kayaking and canoeing in Tuscany; in lakes, rivers or even out at sea!

Those wishing to spend part or all of their holiday close to locations that facilitate these sports have plenty of holiday villa rentals in Orbetello, Viareggio and Scarlino to choose from for example. Keep reading


Try A Water Bike Tour Of Florence

Water Sports

There are many, many different tours of the historic city of Florence and, with so much to see and do from food and wine-tasting to viewing art to visiting haunted hotspots, there is no shortage of different ways to experience the city. Depending on what you’re interested in, what age you are, how fit you are, what language you speak, who you’re with etc there are a range of different kinds of tours to choose from and a variety of modes of transport to get around. You can walk, run, take a bus, cycle, go on a segway or, even, take to the Arno River. Tours of an Italian city by water might bring Venice to mind but it is also a viable way to see Florence by cycling along the Arno. How can one cycle the Arno, you might ask? Well, by taking a water bike, of course! Just find a luxury villa in Florence and take this unique tour for yourself – it will be an unforgettable experience.

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6 Types of Divers – Which Group are You in?

Water Sports

Have you ever asked yourself “What kind of diver am I?” We did, and this article wants to be a witty way to divide us in different groups. Read the various descriptions and then write in the comments which group fits you best. Don’t take it too seriously of course 😉

The deep diver

The blue is what fascinates you, you’re always the first to start the descent and the first to hit the bottom. In shallow dives you always hope you had taken with you a shovel to dig a bit deeper. Narcosis is like a drug for you, it doesn’t scare you, you need it! Your ideal diving curve is around the 0 minutes to the no decompression time.

The tech diver

You have a mathematical mind. You’re probably the only diver who likes tables and decompression theory. You read all the articles you find on the argument, keeping updated. Even when doing recreational dives, you like to show off your peak-performance wing bcd and your DIR setup. You take diving seriously and, let’s admit it, patronising a bit the recreational divers.

The gadget diver

The part you most like of your scuba gear is without any doubt your dive computer. You have the best one! Is the size of an iPad, it has a compass, maps and maybe also some games in case of boring deco-stops. You keep yourself updated on the new equipment and any occurrence is the great excuse getting another gear for your collection. Your goal is good equipment and you know what good equipment is. You always take with you an SMB and some sort of noise maker, it may be a shaker, or a ball appended to the tank, or the most loved duck fixed to the low pressure hose.

The photographer

You know how to enjoy your dives and take your right time to focus that little nudibranch. The equipment you take underwater may be looking exaggerated to another diver but you do know how to handle it. Between the dives you spend your surface interval checking out if you finally got the next National Geographic cover pictures. At first people snob you a bit, but later they are all around you to see your pictures!

The videographer

You’re the Tarantino of the water, when you move underwater you make more light than a submarine and some divers get scared when they see you coming out of a cave. You turn a night dive into a day dive and blind all the fish in 5 meter radius so that your fellow divers can see them from far away and have a close up when they get there.

The naturalist

You love animals and sea life in general. You want to know what creatures did you see in your dive and usually ask your diving guide the name of the only fish he doesn’t know… The first thing that you check when you enter into the diving centre is their book of fish ID and if they don’t have any… well… that’s not a good sign indeed!

In which group are you?


Why You’ll Want To Be Exiled To Elba

Water Sports

The island of Elba, the biggest of the Tuscan Archipelago and the third largest island in Italy after Sardinia and Sicily, is most well-known as the site of Napoleon’s exile and if you ever get the chance to visit, you might be wishing for the same punishment! Hardly a depressing or prison-like place, it is, rather, more like a paradise. Surrounded by crystal clear, rich blue waters with cloudless skies overhead, dotted by perfect beaches, little towns, castles and blessed by nature, it is a stunning place and the ideal place to escape to on your next holiday. Find a villa with pool on the Tuscan Coast and you can then start exploring this dream-like island for yourself. Keep reading