Canoe Or Kayak Along Tuscany’s Rivers And Coastline

Water Sports

There are many wonderful locations to enjoy kayaking and canoeing in Tuscany; in lakes, rivers or even out at sea!

Those wishing to spend part or all of their holiday close to locations that facilitate these sports have plenty of holiday villa rentals in Orbetello, Viareggio and Scarlino to choose from for example.

The chain of islands west of the Tuscan coast provide ideal spots to embark on an exciting journeys of marine discovery, especially Elba Island where canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts have a varied range of gorges, coral reefs and secluded beached to explore!

If you’re up for the challenge there’s a stimulating sea trail around Elba Island that departs from Marina di Campo in the gulf of Galenzana and heads to Procchio. It is forty seven kilometres in length but shorter sections of it are available on request to journey along.

Kayak or canoe along this picturesque coastline and stop off wherever you wish to explore interesting caves like Grotta del Blue Marino and Grotta del Vescovo. After passing Capo Poro, there are plenty of sandy and rocky beaches to dock in and explore.

Later on during this invigorating journey the crystal clear waters of the gulf of Cavoli are passed by. Gaze upon the unusual ancient tombs that line the black and white sand beaches past Fetovia and pass by the rock of Ogliera where you can see the majestic view of some shipwrecks below the surface.

On a beautiful clear sunny day, the islands of Montecristo and Pianosa are visible from here and perhaps there’s a chance of catching a glimpse of a passing whale!
There is no better way to view the colourful array of coral life below the shallow waters on the shores of Elba Island and the schools of fish that thrive there. This is truly a unique and perfect way to see the best of the marine world around Tuscany!

There are many canoeing and kayaking schools available both on the islands on the Tuscan coast to learn the basics of these exhilarating sports or water sport shops to rent or buy the equipment you require.

Check out this kayaking school that will provide you with all the information you need to book this thrilling adventure!

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