Jump On Board With Some Of These Extreme Water Sports!

If you enjoy high speed extreme water sports then you’ll love what an adventure holiday in Tuscany has in store for you. Choose from a great range of adrenaline fuelled water activities like Windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving, hydro-speeding, white water rafting and much more!

For those wishing to base their holiday engaging in thrilling activities such as these, there is a fine selection of luxury villas along the Tuscan coastline and popular lake resorts that have all the facilities one could possibly need.

Hit the waves with some exhilarating surfing, wind surfing or kite surfing lessons along the best windy beaches at Viareggio or along the Livorno coastline. Feel the thrill of harnessing the power of wind and waves for your enjoyment by booking some lessons from the many surf schools available or renting equipment from water sport shops.

Or explore the delights that can be found around Elba Island off the Tuscan coast in a challenging yet invigorating canoe or kayak sea trail. Explore the stunning sandy beaches, the mysterious caves and the many intriguing gorges that make up the rugged perimeter of the island and locate the historical spot nearby where you can look under the crystal clear surface to see the wreck of a WWII German fighter plane!

For those who’d want a closer look to such a fascinating piece of history, why not get geared up and go scuba diving or snorkelling here? Elba Island is ideal for diving to see such relics up close and personal as well as an ideal opportunity to swim through the beautifully colourful coral world beneath the surface!

For adventurous people who get a thrill out of danger then perhaps a hydro-speed swim down the River Serchio! All you need is a wetsuit, a pair of flippers and a float board strapped under you as you swim at top speed down a raging white water river! This is certainly not a sport for the faint hearted!

These are only a few of the exciting extreme water sports in Tuscany which are described in greater detail in related articles. Read through them to decide what you think would be a perfect addition to spice up your adventurous holiday to Tuscany!

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