Month: June 2016


Try A Water Bike Tour Of Florence

Water Sports

There are many, many different tours of the historic city of Florence and, with so much to see and do from food and wine-tasting to viewing art to visiting haunted hotspots, there is no shortage of different ways to experience the city. Depending on what you’re interested in, what age you are, how fit you are, what language you speak, who you’re with etc there are a range of different kinds of tours to choose from and a variety of modes of transport to get around. You can walk, run, take a bus, cycle, go on a segway or, even, take to the Arno River. Tours of an Italian city by water might bring Venice to mind but it is also a viable way to see Florence by cycling along the Arno. How can one cycle the Arno, you might ask? Well, by taking a water bike, of course! Just find a luxury villa in Florence and take this unique tour for yourself – it will be an unforgettable experience.

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Jump On Board With Some Of These Extreme Water Sports!

If you enjoy high speed extreme water sports then you’ll love what an adventure holiday in Tuscany has in store for you. Choose from a great range of adrenaline fuelled water activities like Windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving, hydro-speeding, white water rafting and much more!

For those wishing to base their holiday engaging in thrilling activities such as these, there is a fine selection of luxury villas along the Tuscan coastline and popular lake resorts that have all the facilities one could possibly need.

Hit the waves with some exhilarating surfing, wind surfing or kite surfing lessons along the best windy beaches at Viareggio or along the Livorno coastline. Feel the thrill of harnessing the power of wind and waves for your enjoyment by booking some lessons from the many surf schools available or renting equipment from water sport shops.

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Surf-Fitness Pop-up Training Surfers Perfect Pushup


Surf-Fitness is all about building a stronger body so you can do what makes you happy in life, and do it better… surfing.

There are a few critical movements for surfers to master when building strength and core control. One of those moves that every single surfer, no matter their age or skill will benefit from is the pushup. But we’re not talking about lazy, non-coordinated pushups, we’re talking about developing the perfect pushup. With developing the strength and muscle coordination to perform a perfect pushup, you’ll not only be exceptionally stronger and faster with your pop-ups, you’ll develop a stronger core and a more stable upper body which is essential for deeper duck dives and long-term shoulder health.

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