Go Scuba Diving Off The Stunning Tuscan Coast

If you enjoy going below the water surface to the marine world below then Tuscany has everything to satisfy your scuba diving and snorkelling needs! There is a wealth of fantastic villa rentals along the Tuscan coast for those who’d like to spend their holiday close to the sea.

Scuba diving and snorkelling have grown immensely in popularity over the past number of years; Tuscany alone has over fifty dive centres located around Livorno, including fifteen on Elba Island, ten in Argentario and Giglio Island.

In fact, Giglio Island is considered to be the most popular scuba diving spot in all of the Mediterranean!

Beginners have an abundance of lessons available from schools located all over the places mentioned above, and for those who don’t require tuition, there are plenty of water sport shops that rent the required equipment at a reasonable price.

Two hour dive range from €25 to €35 depending on how long it takes to reach the diving spot from where the school is based and this generally includes use of equipment and an instructor. It’s necessary to complete a primary scuba diving certificate to get a licence to dive below eighteen metres and generally costs around €300.

Snorkelling is the perfect cheaper alternative to scuba diving and is just as exciting! Elba Island is perfectly suited to snorkellers as there’s lots of marine life and other interesting things to see below the surface. There’s a worthwhile sight to see whilst snorkelling which can be found around three hundred metres north of Portoferraio lighthouse and thirty seven metres below the surface.

Feast your eyes on a wreck of a WWII German fighter plane that was shot down here in 1944 and discovered in 1997! This fascinating piece of history is now home to numerous lobsters and moon fish which can often be seen when the day is sunny and the waters are particularly clear.

Another popular snorkeling spot is Giannutri Island which has an unusual half moon shape. It’s the most southern island in the Tuscan Archipelago and has a shallow seabed around its shores that’s perfect for snorkellers to explore its coral reefs and marine life.

This is just one of many articles that discuss the exhilarating extreme water sports available all across Tuscany. Why not read through them to help you plan the most adventurous you’ll ever be on!

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